Did somebody say “party”?!

Have you ever wanted to have a lunch meeting with you colleagues or share a special birthday with a close knit group of friends? Chances are, you’d usually consider a location that can accommodate everyone comfortably. Well, now you can add Wahoo to that list! Introducing our newest addition to your Wahoo experience: the Banquet room. While there won’t be any ballroom dancing in this space, there will be plenty of room for great food with the great people you enjoy. Share and enjoy your time together with the great service you’ve come to expect at Wahoo. Share your favorites and possibly find new ones either from the menu or the daily specials. The room is separate from the main dining area, so feel free to engage with you guest at a volume suitable to your party. No need to compete with surrounding conversations. This is only the beginning. STop in and se us and be sure to check with our wait staff to see if the Ballroom is available for your party. When you’re ready to get your “party” started, just contact Megan at 785-320-7242!